Jameson Rey Acuña

Jameson Rey Acuña

Get to know me better!

Full Name : Jameson Rey Acuña

Birthday : December 17, 1983

Nickname : James, Jimbo, King J

How and when did you start diving? Why Diving? : It’s quite a story on how i ended up diving. Back in 2012 was when I got certified as an Open water diver under Mr. Ramil Rasonable as my instructor. I did my first discover SCUBA diving a few months before that. And since I did my very first dive, I’ve already told myself “now this is something I can do for the rest of my life”, hence I started to do absolutely everything I gotta do just to get to dive for free. Took jobs in the resort island of Pulau Mabul in Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia. The deals were, I do everything needed to be done in the resort and in exchange I can dive when i’m free. So, I start working so early in the day to end late at night just so I get to have time in the day to join dive trips, first as a snorkeling guide then moved up to guiding dives. Finished my PADI DM with Rubie Branch in Malapascua island, Vebu in Feb, 2015 and in July of the same year. I did the IDC still with Rubie, with the help of Marcus Benders it happened for me. Never felt so relieved and ecstatic, worked in different places since then as a freelancing dive professional and after that I did the crossover to SSI in 2017, where the growth professionally had been phenomenal! Now I am one of the few, Filipino Active SSI Instructor Trainers with the help of Mactan Scuba Dive Center. I hope to be of better influence to bring about a great wave of SSI Dive instructors that will not only spread great improvements in the profession but also to help in working to help preserve our playground, the ocean.

Position in the Company : Head instructor/Instructor Trainer

Licence, certificates, achievements in diving – specify each :  SSI Instructor Trainer = Only Cebuano active I.T. this time and React Right Instructor Trainer = Only Cebuano active RRIT based in Cebu, Philippines

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