NENSKIE Poloyapoy

NENSKIE Poloyapoy

Get to know me better!

Name: Nhennen Poloyapoy

Bday: Feb 14,1970

Nickname: Nhenskie

How did you start diving? I started diving last April 2017, it took them so long to convinced me to dive , when I tried the Discover Scuba, I loved it. From that time I kept on diving then started to get my training. Now i’m a Dive Control Specialist or Assistant Instructor!

Why diving? At first I was so scared of the water but when I discovered how beautiful it is underwater, i so loved it! Every dive i get so excited because i’m so eager to find something that is new. Finding those tiny beautiful species made me very happy! Then I started to go into another field which is Underwater Photography. This made me develop skills to taking pictures of beautiful marine creatures underwater.

Position in the company: Dive Control Specialist or Assistant Instructor

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